Blueprint: Bruce Grayson

First & Last name or Alias:
Bruce Grayson

What is your craft/brand and how would you describe it?
My craft would happen to be my mind. I would describe it as the place where everything comes together and becomes the idea before the creation. In my mind is where I sort through the good and bad ideas and once we have what we need I dive headfirst into my craft

What led you down this path (how did you start)?
I was very depressed with life at the current time and needed an outlet. My outlet became my writing as it was my way to vent freely and also learn lessons from my venting sessions. Sometimes I like to view Arkham Thoughts as me being my own therapist helping me through my life.

What are some inspirations that spark your creativity?
Movies, Tv shows, really anything visually that can express what I’m thinking. I’m also influenced by music and a lot of self-help books.

What’s do you see as your life purpose?
This use to be a question that had me lost in the world because I had lost sight of the answer, but my life purpose is to be a light in people’s lives, no matter how long or short I may be in them. I have to bring people to light to show them that you can make it through any battles you’re facing. Life is tuff and we usually get so down because we focus on what we’re going through and not what is the purpose we should learn from going through the situation. Life is a teacher and I want to help people learn through what they’ve experienced and I hope they’ll keep those ideologies as they experience new bumps in life.

What’s your end goal (your plan)?
To create a community of blacks that learn how to live with one another peacefully and grow as a unit. I want to leave this world better than it was before I got here, so I plan on being an inspiration to my people and leaving an imprint on this world through my writings, visuals, and whatever form of art I create while I’m here.

Who are some people in your field that motivate you and why?
I’m motivated by myself, but I do get a boost of motivation from people all over. Seeing a story of someone who was great but lost it all because of their laziness could inspire me. Just as you can learn from others, you can be inspired by others, I don’t per se look to people in my field, but I take from all fields. People like Larry June, J. Cole, Jordan Peele, Denzel Washington all inspire me to create timeless art.